Meat Beat Manifesto

Meat Beat Manifesto has been hailed as one of the frontrunners in the electronic music scene since 1987. Front man Jack Dangers has made sure over the years to keep from being categorized into a specific genre by continuously expanding his musical influences and overall direction of Meat Beat Manifesto. The first album was Storm the Studio which was immediately considered an industrial classic. Although the praise for this album was extensive, Jack Dangers took the next album, 99% in a more techno influenced direction than before to expand the band’s horizons. While 99% still stayed true to Meat Beat’s industrial roots, it was filled with more rebellious energy than most industrial music at the time including the various hip-hop influenced tracks.

This incredible mixture of industrial, techno, and hip-hop set the stage for incredible opportunities to expand this concept even further into Meat Beat’s live shows. Concerts quickly became a visual as well as aural attack with extensive setups for every show. The live performances featured dancers choreographed by Marcus Adams, video clips that accompanied the live instruments, live DJs, and dozens of sequenced electronic instruments. These audio-visual experiences quickly became an integral part of Meat Beat’s overall character and was yet another influential trait that Meat Beat had to offer the electronic music world. more at brainwashed.com »

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